Monday, December 5, 2016

Through the Eyes of a Horse

Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the Humility to listen.   ~Unknown

River is boarded at a facility which also provides therapeutic riding for people with special needs.  I have been privileged to volunteer during some of the riding sessions and personally witness the truly transformative experiences that these therapy horses provide to their riders.  It is truly the stuff of which miracles are made.  

The organization's founder, the instructors, and the volunteers who care for these amazing animals and also support the therapy sessions perform this work with love -- both a deep love for the horses but also a love for each rider and their families.

The facility is an island of love, hope, and miracles in a world which seems to be full of anger, hate, and despair.  At the center of it all, are the horses  -- who through their innate wisdom and untainted view of the world, provide healing of the body and of the soul.

Yesterday, the facility had a Holiday open house, where the public had the opportunity to meet the therapy horses.  Young and old came through the barn.  Watching the joy, awe, and wonder on each person's face as they walked through the barn and greeted each horse reenforced the healing power that these horses innately provide  -- even through just a brief contact.

The Holiday Season is a time for hope, healing and miracles -- something our equine friends provide all through the year -- if you open your heart to it.

River and I send out wishes for all the blessings of the Season to you and yours.

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